Herbal Remedies For Skin Acne

If you are looking for a way to treat acne naturally, why not try herbal acne treatments? Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years to treat just about everything. Herbal remedies include ingredients that have been derived from all organic products. Some of the best acne skin treatments that involve herbal acne treatment are as follows:

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the few essential oils that can safely be used on the skin. Most essential oils are too powerful to be used directly on the skin and can cause someone to have a rash. Lavender, however, is mild yet is a powerful antioxidant and cure-all for many ailments, including acne. The next time you get a break out, try a little lavender oil.


This is a herbal ingredient that is taken in a supplement instead of topical. You can try Belladonna to treat acne that has reached the point where pus has formed under the surface. Most acne blemishes are bacterial infections of the skin that are filled with pus. Belladonna can also be used topically to treat these infections.

Hepar Sulphur

This herbal ingredient is used to treat cystic acne that is very painful, large and also filled with pus. You should never pop an acne pimple because it can leave scarring. However, you can use Hepar Sulphur to treat the acne blemish. This herbal is one of the best acne skin treatments for deep blemishes.


Rose is another essential oil that can be used topically on the skin. Lavender and Rose are really the only two essential oils that can be used directly on the skin without fear of a rash forming. Rose can be beneficial in treating mild forms of acne or small breakouts.

Witch Hazel

Derived from the Witch Hazel bush, it is often diluted with alcohol and sold in drugstores and used as an astringent. When used in its true form, it can be very effective at treating acne blemishes. You can use the Witch Hazel as an astringent and also the concentrated form to treat blemishes.

Kali Bromatum

This herbal ingredient can be used to treat very deep blemishes. You can purchase Kali Bromatum in health food stores or even online to help you with the most troublesome of acne blemishes.

Acne is a scourge that most of us deal with at one time in our lives. Before you rush to the doctor and start using synthetic chemicals and toxins to treat this condition, keep in mind that herbal remedies are often the best acne skin treatments.

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