Energy Medicine

Since everything in life is composed of energy the nature of disease can be concluded as energetic. Therefore it is only natural to pose the theory that healing takes place through the application of energy.

Energy medicine is not the mere application of energy to the body, it is a complete science. As in quantum physics we know there are different types, frequencies, polarity's and sources of energy.
Energy medicine is made up of all the sciences of medicine, along with a strong understanding of metaphysics, alchemy, energy healing and the laws of nature. Energy medicine is a vast unlimited study of healing the human body through the knowledge of disease and healing through the application of very specific energies in very specific ways.

Disease is almost always caused by blockages in the body. The human body is meant to be an open and flowing energy system. It is these blockages that cause all physical, mental and spiritual disease. from the subtle to the dense ranges

Let us take for example the different types of pain. To keep it simple we will use structural and muscular pain. If you ask most patients who have a structural conditions as to the nature of their pain they will most of the time tell you it is sharp, sometimes shooting or simply very painful. From a few questions through doing a basic field check. We can assume the energy in the diseased area is a positive polarity energy stemming from a damage bone structure. We learn through energy medicine we treat with opposites. The positive energy has the nature of fire, thus using a negative energy will neutralize the pain as if putting water on a fire.

Because there is a blockage, lets take for example the pain from slipped discs. The energy and chemicals that are to flow naturally through the spine and nerves through pathways are blocked thus causing a backup and accumulation of energy in the body, thus causing pain.

If the pain is muscular you might consider applying a positive energy to muscles. In this instant the application of positive energy will dissolve the pain in the back through the breaking up process of the blockage of positive energy thus restoring an open energy flow to the body. For your information the human body has different polarity's in it & energy can be created by a person or sourced by the practitioner, thus allowing the practitioner to use his hands only in the treatment process.

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By Robert_J._H._Ward

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