Healthy Chicken Recipe Tips

People all over the world seem to be on a health craze these days and because of this everyone is searching for healthy recipes that are also very delicious to maintain their diet and their health as well. If you are on a health binge, you will be happy to know that most healthy foods that are low in fat are very easy to prepare and if cooked correctly can be very delicious as well.

In your search for healthy recipes, you may have come to realize that chicken is a very healthy ingredient to cook with and also that it is a wonderful source of protein and it is also very low in fat as well. When you opt to cook chicken recipes that are healthy and contain healthy ingredients, you will be lowering your blood cholesterol and at the same time, you will be improving your fitness and health as well. The good thing about cooking chicken is that it can be prepared in various different ways and basically any ingredient can go hand in hand with chicken and turn out to be something wonderful.

When cooking chicken however, you will need to ensure that you choose the right chicken to prepare your meal and to put in your recipes. Buy expensive chicken because the cheap chicken will give off a greasy, stringy meal that no one will really enjoy and the taste will also be limited as well.

The cheap chickens are raised on a high calorie diet that makes them really big but they haven't developed any muscles, which makes them good when you need a lot of meat but they are not the best when you are on a healthy diet. However, when seeking healthy chicken recipes, it is best that you go with organic chicken because this form of meat is full of flavour and it is also very firm.

When you opt to go with organic chicken, you know that they have been fed on the best diet and they are allowed to roam free, which helps with their overall growth. These chickens are more expensive but they are much better for you in the long run. When cooking your chicken, you can reduce the amount of fat that is produced by trimming the fatty areas such as the fats that are found on the thigh.

Tip: never leave your chicken at room temperature and ensure that you wash your chicken in cold water to prevent cross contamination. When you buy chicken, it should be used after two days and be stored in the coldest area of the fridge.

Ensure that after the chicken is cooked that it is stored within two hours and the good think is that you can keep chicken frozen for up to a year before using it.

Now let's look at some healthy chicken recipes:

Lemon Yogurt Chicken is a recipe that should be used to cook boneless chicken. This chicken is much lighter than most chicken recipes because the lemon and the yogurt give it a very light and delicious taste, unlike that of any other chicken recipes. This recipe is done with whole garlic cloves that are mashed, which gives the chicken added flavour and nutrition. This recipe is seen as the best and most delicious way to cook healthy boneless chicken.

The Guatemalan Chicken Mole: chocolate is something that everyone loves; however, not everyone knows that chocolate makes a wonderful ingredient when it is mixed with chicken. The Guatemalan chicken mole is simply a sauce that is made from chocolate and eaten on chicken.

Chicken in itself is a very healthy ingredient and when it is paired with other ingredients such as avocado, garlic, and even chocolate can provide you with a very healthy chicken recipe and it makes cooking chicken fun and delicious.

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