Bone Malunions

An individual who suffers a broken bone has two or more fragments of one bone that have been separated from one another. When this happens, an individual will need to have the fracture set in line so that the fragments can grow back together. A doctor should perform this task.

Unfortunately, a doctor may fail in his or her duties when re-aligning a broken bone. As such, the bone may re-grow improperly. For instance, instead of a bone fusing back together at the site of a fracture, the bone may fuse back together at the sides of each fractured piece of bone.

What this may result in is an improperly healed bone. When this is the case, the victim may suffer mobility problems, a shortening of the affected bone, partial death of the bone, or a bone infection. These effects may come in addition to the pain and suffering an individual could suffer.

Often, a bone malunion will make an individual's affected body part appear misshapen. To fix the issue, a doctor may have to re-break the bone, set it in the correct place, and put the affected body part in a cast. This increases an individual's recovery time and may put him or her in more pain.

When a doctor misaligns a broken bone and the patient suffers a bone malunion as a result, the patient may be entitled to financial compensation for his or her suffering. Before pursuing legal action, victims of bone malunions are advised to discuss their cases with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

If you or someone you love suffered a bone malunion because your doctor failed to correctly set your broken bone, discuss your legal rights and options with the Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys of Webb, Wade, Taylor & Thompson, LLC, today.

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