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Prevention Magazine for Your Health & Well-Being

If you are concerned with or interested in the idea of keeping your entire person - mind and body - healthy, then you need to take a close look at Prevention magazine. Available on Zinio Digital, which advertises itself as the world's largest newsstand, this magazine is dedicated to providing feature articles related to health, fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being.

Prevention magazine has a subscription base of almost three million subscribers. The number of people who read the magazine is estimated to be more than 10 million, so choosing Prevention as a primary source of information for health and wellness agrees with the mindset and experience of millions of other people. The magazine has been published since 1950, so there is a long and reliable history that is the mark of a quality publication.

Another way Prevention has proven its worth over the years is to be a contributor to the scientific community through its reader response surveys. These are surveys conducted by the magazine seeking feedback on consumer health related issues. The value of the content and the reliability of the publisher points toward integrity. What that means to the reader is the level of quality and accuracy of the magazine's content can be highly depended upon when making those important decisions concerning your overall health.

To make its content available to as many of the over 10 million readers as possible, Zinio offers a variety of traditional and digital formats to choose from. You can subscribe the traditional way by ordering directly from their web site. There is an iPhone and iPad app to allow reading the magazine on mobile devices. Or you can buy a single article or monthly publication for a reasonable cost.

Some recent articles of interest include: "Everything You Know About Acne is Wrong," "The Food Label That Can't Come Soon Enough," and "Is Retirement Bad for You?" As you can see from these examples, the articles cover a wide variety of interests, ages, and perspectives.

Prevention magazine also has an online edition that can be accessed. On the web site you will find categories of articles to pour through: Fitness, Beauty, Healthy Kids, and there is even a section for Recipes. And there is a blog for readers to provide their own insight and experience. These blogs entries are not just short comments made to support or disagree with an article, but thoughtful additions to the magazine content.

There are many health and wellness magazines displayed at retail stores, in online advertisements, and made available through special mail offers. What separates Prevention from the rest of the pack is its long history of quality and reliability. There is a reason a company rises to the number one position in its industry, and the same holds true for Prevention.

Prevention is just one of many health magazines available on Zinio Digital. Other popular and well-known titles in the health category are: Fitness, Ladies Home Journal, Self, Woman's Health, and Bicycling. You can view their entire library at

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