Love Is the Best Medicine

Most of us want to lead healthy happy lives and when we get sick we usually go to a doctor who gives us some medicine, performs a procedure, does surgery - whatever he or she believes will relieve the symptoms. What we really want is not treatment but healing. We want whatever is causing the symptoms to go away leaving us free of disease or free of the problem. While we want healing, yet, the word "healing" conjures up strange and interesting thoughts. The concept of healing belongs back in Biblical times or times when miracles happened. Right? Wrong.

Healing is a concept of now. It is as relative today as it ever has been - perhaps more so. Dean Shrock addresses the issue of healing head on in his book, "Why Love Heals: Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine." This is not a just-published book but its relevance continues. It is a book that should be read by everyone in the medical profession and para-professions as well as by those who are experiencing illness or want to prevent illness.

Science has clearly demonstrated that love has a profound and positive effect at a cellular level and brings about positive change in the body. Shrock, who had seen remarkable results in his work with cancer patients using guided imagery, drew heavily from science, quantum physics, energy medicine and spirituality to make his compelling case that it is love that heals. If you believe that a human being is no more than a machine, you will not agree with Dean Shrock and his conclusion that love is the healing agent. If you have an open mind to new information based on the findings of science and you believe that we as humans have a spiritual component, you will find his presentation that love heals a powerful one.

It shifts the responsibility for our health directly onto us and demands that we be aware and in control of our thoughts and emotions. It demands that physicians and other health care professionals be aware of their powerful personal impact on their patients and that they carefully design their "bedside manner" to be used as a therapeutic tool.

I encourage you to get this book "Why Love Heals" by Dean Shrock, Ph.D. and read it carefully and reflectively, with an open mind and spirit. It will change your perspective on disease, health and healing and could, quite literally, save your life or the life of someone you love.

Irene Conlan has a Master's degree in Nursing, a Ph.D. in metaphysics and is a certified hypnotherapist in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now retired, she is the founder and manager of The Self Improvement Blog and hosts The Self Improvement Radio Show on VoiceAmerica/World Talk Radio weekly. She has two sons and three grandsons who make her retirement fun and give her ideas for the blog and radio show.

By Irene_Conlan

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